Get To Know Us!

Our Church is...

a FRIENDLY church. You will enjoy the warm welcome, the friendly atmosphere, and the sincere interest shown in you.

a BIBLE-BELIEVING church. The Bible is the sole and final authority for living. We believe the Holy Bible to be inspired, infallible, preserved and relevant for today.

an INDEPENDENT church. We are not bound by denominational structuring or policies. We believe the Holy Spirit send gifted believers to help the church function properly. The ideal is to build the church through gifts.

a BAPTIST church. We practice Biblical authority, local church governance, the priesthood of all believers, the Lord's Table and Baptism, the accountability of the individual, a saved, separated, and serving membership, and the rule of Pastors and Deacons.

a FAMILY church. We are dedicated to building spiritually strong individuals and families who honor Christ.

a GROWING church. We empower God's people to live and share their faith effectively. Growing people are attractive people!