May 27 – Preparation for communion ( I Corinthians 11:26-32)       Pastor Danny 
June 3 – Living in light of the world’s perishing ( II Peter 3:11-12)     Pastor Danny
June 10th – The New Heaven and New Earth (II Peter 3:13)       Pastor Danny
June 24th – The Conclusion (II Peter 3:14-18)      Pastor Danny                             
July 1st – God is at Work in Hard Times (Ruth 1)     Pastor Danny
July 8th – Celebrating God and Godliness ( Ruth 2)       Pastor Danny
July 15th – God Uses Ordinary People (Ruth 3)   Pastor Danny
August 12th – Real Faith of a Real Man (Habakkuk 3) Pastor Danny
August 19th – Living out the Gospel (Philemon Introduction) Pastor Danny 
August 26th – Living with a Christian Mindset (Philemon 1-2) Pastor Danny  
September 2nd – Lessons from Philemon’s Life (Philemon 4-7) Pastor Danny
October 14th – Colossians – The Introduction (Pastor Danny)